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CGW uses Canada's advanced 3D scanning equipment to quickly pick up the chassis space data, professional engineers safe and scientific computer design exhaust products, manual proofing Italy 1200P four-wheel drive horse machine measured results modified several times to determine the modification program, machining center (CNC) car The industrial grade fixture inspection ensures the true original position. The CNC bending machine accurately bends the tube according to the computer data. The large drum body and the three-valve design ensure that the valve is silent and has no resonance effect. The smart phone App valve control system. Products have been innovating, high standards and high requirements.

The new standard develops high-flow catalysis, the original installation accuracy, the national 5 standard, the car is worry-free, the outer diameter of the carrier rich in precious metal platinum-palladium ruthenium is increased to achieve high flow rate, no shield is added, and the computer reads the correct value. , power improvement, environmental protection, fuel consumption will not increase, no fault code. 304 stainless steel wall thickness 2.5MM pouring end cover, double-layer carrier, good heat resistance and high strength. Better with the computer program.

CGW focuses on the high-performance full-range exhaust design and development of popular models in the market. The company has a technical team with 10 years of experience in modifying exhaust gas. In 2017, it has comprehensively reformed the process and upgraded production line equipment. The new era, a new starting point, the company to meet the ever-higher requirements of Chinese riders with higher standards of products.