CGW development history

In September 2009, Wu Gang led two employees to establish CGW in a dilapidated factory in Shanghai. CGW is the abbreviation of China Great Wall, which symbolizes the quality and the great spirit of the Chinese nation.

      After two years of development, in March 2013, he participated in the Suzhou Modified Auto Show. In September 2013, he participated in the CAS modified auto show and applied the matte process to the modified exhaust. The brand foundation has been gradually established in the hearts of the industry and riders.

      In June 2014, the CGW team took the lead in researching and developing its own vacuum valve exhaust and promoting the market. Now this result has been widely used in the industry. In September of the same year, he participated in the CAS modified auto show for the second time, letting the industry see the progress of CGW products.

       In 2015, the CGW team increased their investment and believed that they would do a good job in products and services.